Hear what our clients are saying about training with Aris:


Thanks, Aris!! You are an amazing trainer–you do a great job explaining things and I really enjoy working with you.     

     – Jill, 44


Thank you again for everything you taught me! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trainer for me than you! You definitely have a gift and are so generous in sharing it. Thanks in advance for all the inspiring videos.      

     – Cheri, 64


In 2008 I had a heart attack as a result of severe heart damage due to congestive heart failure. I was 2 weeks in ICU with so many tubes hooked up to me I looked like Neo in The Matrix. This past May my cardiologist told me that I could join a gym IF I had a certified trainer and IF I would stay within the heart rate restrictions he set, 110 BPM. I joined Snap-Fitness and they recommended Aris. I wanted to increase my core strength, tighten my abs and lose weight. Aris designed the perfect program of exercises for a man of my health and age. I find her engaging and very attentive to my workouts. She stops me or slows me down if she feels my heart rate may climb. She is easy to work with and makes me comfortable during our sessions. She is also very adaptable to different age groups as she is now training my son who is 16! She is Awesome!      

     – Rob F, 61


Just came from the cardiologist. He said that in 2008 in the hospital I had a 48 % ejection rate (amount of blood the heart pumps) now it is normal, almost 100 %. A lot of this is because you helped me regain my life. The doctor was very happy and I am ecstatic and truly grateful to you for helping me achieve this goal.    

     – Rob F, now 63


I have been a runner for years and regularly run 5ks, 10ks and even a half-marathon. A few months ago I joined Aris’s running club to prepare for an upcoming Adventure Run. I joined for the camraderie as I usually run on my own daily but was surprised to find out that my running speed actually improved after she taught me about interval training. Learning to push myself through sprints has helped me a great deal!    

     – Erin, 34


I have been a long distance walker for several years and took up running just last year. I started to have severe lower back problems.  When I gardened, I also had back problems. The back pain was becoming unbearable and continuous. It was even painful to sit while working at a desk. My physician told me that I needed to go to a orthopedic surgeon.  My physical therapist suspected bone cancer. Acupuncture did nothing to stop the pain.  A few months ago, I decided to try a personal trainer to work on my upper body along with my core. In just a few sessions with Aris, I noticed that I no longer had the back pain even when gardening or running.  I even feel stronger now running. Her workouts have made the difference!  

     – Sue, 58


Thank you for a lovely training session. Even though I complain, I am glad you are helping me. Thanks for not listening too much to it. You are awesome.      

     – TC, 56


Wanted to tell you that I felt really good after last nights work out. I have not felt that good in a while and I can’t wait until next week. 

     – Lynn, 39


Thank you for all that you are doing for us (teachers). I know for me it gives me a boost to my day, and week, when I am done with a class.                                                                      

     – Elizabeth, 30


I recently joined Anytime Fitness and hired Aris to help me evaluate if exercise would help me with my knee problem. I was nervous about working out since I have had severe left knee pain for the last few years. I tended to compensate by shifting my weight to the right leg. I had been to two prominent orthopedic physicians, had an MRI, xray and comprehensive evaluations. All determined my severe knee pain causing terrible limping to be normal. One suggested I lose weight, at first I was mad that this severe pain was explained away by the need for weight lose. I thought about it for a while and with a push from my son I signed up. During our first session I realized that my lower body was weaker than I thought, as once on the floor I had a hard time getting up. Aris has been working on strengthening my legs and after few sessions I already see a difference.  I can now go up the stairs using both legs instead of using the right one only. Aris introduced me to new equipment and I am now pretty comfortable on the stability ball and on the bosu ball. She has also been very creative in finding ways to work my abs without having me get on the floor. I am very happy with my results and with her approach.   

     – Maureen, 52


After taking off a year due to a hamstring injury, I recently started training with Aris to strengthen my legs and lose some weight. I had being doing yoga for the last few months but no cardio or weight as my back had been hurting since the injury. Aris mentioned that the pain might be caused from tight muscles and at the end of our session she stretched my lower body. The next morning I was surprised to discover that I woke up without the usual back pain.                         

     – Mike, 50


I have had knee pain for years due to a motorcycle accident and thought I would have to live with it, but after going to boot camp with Aris I have strengthened the muscles around the knee to where I have no more pain. I would have never believed it if someone would have told me to work my knee to make it feel better but it did. What I love most about the classes is that Aris works with me and my 51 year old limits and I love what she has done for me.      

     – Penny, 51


As a 63 year old man with a chronic neuro-muscular condition and a busy schedule, I was having difficulty finding the time and motivation to get to a gym. Aris has provided the perfect solution! She comes to my home twice a week with a balanced and varied workout plan full of challenging surprises. I especially appreciate her attention to my special needs with a thoughtful blend of strength building, cardio, balance and stretching. My range of motion has greatly increases and numerous friends have commented on my improved posture and muscle development. I highly recommend Aris as she will tailors the workout to meet your individual situation.     

     – GGC, 63


Thanks so much for suggesting to do the triathlon!! I probably would not have done it if it wasn’t for training with you.  I really went way out of my comfort zone but because of the training we did in bootcamp and after I felt ready.     

     – Pam, 48


I was working out at a gym and needed to diversify my training. I had seen Aris working with other clients and liked her style. I trained with
her at the gym for a period of time then decided I wanted to train at home. I had limited equipment but Aris assured me she would put together a work out routine we could do at my house. Working out with Aris at home is the best training I have ever had. It is simple but highly effective. This woman knows how to train and I am still amazed at the work outs she comes up with limited equipment. At 57 I may be in the very best shape of my life and a lot of that I owe to Aris.     

     – Petie, 57


Last year I gained 80lb due to the birth of my daughter and relocating to St Pete. Being in the army I had 6 months to get back in shape and pass the physical fitness test (2 min pushups, 2 min sit-ups, 2 mile run) as well as pass the height and weight requirement.  That is when I found Aris bootcamp. I have managed to lose over 5 inches from my waist and dropped 2 minutes from my 2 mile run time.  I love the group workouts, the friendships born of sweat and the encouragement of strangers.  Every morning I dread that alarm but by 7 am (end of class) I am once again energized and excited to start a new day.  I recommend Aris training programs for any fitness level, to get back into shape or just to maintain your current level of fitness without the hype of a gym.  It also helps to have someone care when you miss a class, unlike the group workouts in a gym, someone to call if you have questions about diet, exercises or stretches for sore muscles. Her group sessions have allowed me to once again meet and exceed Army physical fitness standards.   

     – Hope, 31


I am pretty familiar with the gym environment but after talking to Aris I decided to hire her to learn new exercises I can incorporate in my workout. Exercises that would not aggravate a previous shoulder injury. Aris thought me how to perform the same exercise using bands, cables, smith machine, stability ball and the bosu. That prevented boredom and helped me see quicker results as I pushed past the point I am accustomed to. I also enjoyed attending her bootcamps and she showed me what an effective workout stairs can be.     

     – David, 35                         


Aris initially taught bootcamp at our school once a week but soon there was demand to increase it to twice a week. And when I informed everyone that class would be canceled to go bowling for teacher appreciation week I could not believe when the overwhelming response was “I’d rather do boot camp than bowl”   

     – Emily, Mt Vernon Elementary Faculty


I hired Aris to train me at home and it is the best thing I’ve done in a long time. She brought all the equipment and showed me exercises that I should do, how to do them, including stuff I could do in the pool and helped me buy tubes and bands to exercise even when I go up north for the summer. At the end of the lesson we went over all the exercises and I made notes of the exercises and form. What I like best is that she is just concentrating on me, so I learn the correct form as I was aware of some of the exercises but never did them correctly. For me, this is so much better than going to a gym…so much personal attention and better yet, advice. Training with Aris is fun, and I really think it is the PERFECT thing for women my age, who have just retired and are uncomfortable as far as gyms, exercise, etc. go.       

     – Kristi, 63


I have been training with Aris for about 7 months and have seen many changes in my body and the training techniques she showed me have helped a lot. I like the gym but it is nothing like training with Aris outdoors at a park or at Ft De Soto beach. She is a lot of fun to be with and she gives me encouragement, good direction and boosts my confidence as she trains me.  She has a genuine smile and she is good at what she does. I encourage anyone who wants a trainer to help them get fit for life to contact her. I did.      

     – Alan, 46 years old


I just got back from Egypt. I climbed stairs at temples, crawled through pyramids and ruins, walked miles…all in 115 degree heat!!! Don’t think I could have done it without that BOOT CAMP.   

     – Carol, 57